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PCNet-Online Privacy Policy

PCNet-Online is committed to safeguarding visitor/member privacy.

- PCNet doesn not collect personal data. Non-personal statistical information and IP addresses are collected via the normal course of web server operation. While this information is entirely non-personal it is not shared with any third party.

- In addition PCNet uses, from time to time, Google Analytics, a traffic analysis service provided by Google. As far as I know no personal information is collected and I use it to determine which parts of PCNet are popular and how you find PCNet.

- The only area where you can (optionally) supply your email address is the message area. If you provide it there:

- We will not contact you without your explicit permission via you volunteering your email address in the message area and then only to alert you to major system issues. In 20 plus years we've never done that but hey, it's a computer thing and it's going to break and if it's serious we'll give you a heads up. Your email address will NEVER be provided to anyone else or any third party. May spammers receive as many spam messages as all of us do...the rats.

- Likewise the message area is the only place on PCNet where you can set up a password (again, this is only an option). No PCNet employee can view or retrieve your message area password.

Please be aware that we try and recoup a small amount of operating costs by utilizing advertising serviced by third parties including Google and various advertisers associated with the Network Advertising Initiative.

Please be aware that online behavioral advertising and/or multi-site advertising is occurring in the form of banner ads. PCNet does not collect any type of data from these ads but the advertising agencies may. The Network Advertising Initiative does have an opt-out mechanism at their web site.

This Privacy Policy sets forth PCNet's commitment to protect the privacy of any information that is collected through the use of the PCNet site.


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