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PCNet File Catch - Replay Media Catcher

Capture and save any online audio or flash movie.

Ever since I picked Replay Music as the best way to capture music from streaming online radio stations like Pandora you guys have hammered me for not including video. Okay, maybe it was because I didn't grow up with music videos or whatever, it just never occurred to me.

Since then the number of videos on sites such as YouTube, Facebook and Google Video have gone through the roof and yeah, I finally get it. Especially when it can be hard, or even impossible, to go back and watch it online again. Many times it's nice to have a local copy for no other reason than to avoid a big re-download for multiple replays.

I looked around and there are plenty of alternatives, all of which do a pretty good job, but the folks that did Replay Music did such a nice job I checked and sure enough, they have a video capture tool as well. Not only that but it also captures streaming music so I could replace Replay Music as well.

Their video and audio capture software, Replay Media Catcher, is as easy to use as you can image. Just start it up and tell it to start recording and it's going to grab any audio and video that comes down the line.

Naming is automatic, just turn it on, sit back and it's all saved to your hard drive. There are some options that allow you total control over the program but I found I didn't need to touch them, it worked flawlessly right out of the box.

There is a limit on the kind of video files it will capture and those are Flash Video (FLV) which is the format used by the aforementioned "big three". Other sites such as Metacafe use Flash Video as well. You'll find few places where the video capture won't work.

Oh, and while you probably won't absolutely need it Replay Media Catcher also includes a very nice Flash Video player which can be launched directly from the Replay Media Catcher control panel, just right click and select play.

A demo of all software from Applian Technologies is available here. If the demo delights you as it did me and you decide to buy it it'll run you $39.95.

It's the easiest way you're going to find to capture streaming Flash and MP3 video and audio, no question.

Highly recommended.







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