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Manage payrolls efficiently

Business owners who want to reduce the time spent on payroll by half should implement an organized payroll management system. They need a system for tracking employee hours worked, ensuring that all employees are paid the correct amount for their hours worked and that any deductions for taxes or other purposes are adequately taken out of each employee's paycheck. An efficient payroll system reduces errors, such as a missed tax filing that can cost your business hundreds of dollars in penalties and affect your bottom line. It also makes IRS inquiries less painful because a payroll system neatly houses all your documents for easy access.

What is payroll management?

Payroll management includes several tasks, like running payroll, remitting payroll taxes, and storing required documents. Those tasks can be time-consuming for business owners who would rather spend their time working on improving their products and planning for the future. A robust payroll management system can help save time by calculating payroll taxes. In fact, payroll management software is a lot like the payroll clerk, and you’re the manager.

The best payroll management software to manage payroll efficiently

When implementing a payroll management system, selecting software that meets your business’s specific needs is vital. The following payroll management tools are among the most effective options available.

Intuit Quickbooks Online Payroll

Quickbooks payroll is an excellent choice if you’re already using Quickbooks Online for your accounting needs. It seamlessly integrates with your existing software and makes it easy to set up and track employee hours, calculate paychecks, and manage tax withholdings. Plus, it offers a direct deposit feature to save time and money. The program also walks you through the tedious part of implementing the system, allowing you to enter all the facts and figures about your business.

ADP Payroll

ADP Payroll offers similar features to QuickBooks Payroll but also includes numerous add-on features to create custom reports and export data to other software applications. ADP Payroll is also very user-friendly, making it a good option for businesses unfamiliar with payroll software.

Square Payroll 

It offers straightforward pricing, an affordable contractor-only option for small teams, and flexible payment options for employees using direct deposit. It’s an easy-to-use payroll option for businesses that rely on hourly employees. In addition to sending employees their paychecks, it can also help with scheduling and time-tracking, tax withholding and filing, health insurance, and retirement savings.¬†

Wave Payroll

Wave Payroll is a cloud-based software that helps small businesses run payroll and calculate and file payroll taxes in 14 states. It allows you to manage employee benefits by adding deductions for benefits and gives your employees the access to use self-service accounts, view pay stubs, update information, and see tax forms.


Customization is critical for business owners to get more out of their payroll software. OnPay seamlessly integrates with third-party applications to streamline the intimidating payroll process. You can sync timesheet software with OnPay to save time taken to enter each employee’s hours manually. That automation reduces human error and expedites the payroll process. Moreover, it offers HR solutions to give small businesses a wholesome experience managing all their business needs on one platform.

Manage your payroll easily with PC Net Online

Getting your payroll set up correctly from the beginning will save you a lot of time and hassle down the road. However, once you have a payroll system, it will pay off in the long run with fewer errors and more time to focus on other aspects of your business. If you need help with a payroll management system, let our experts help you.