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Best mind mapping software to organize your ideas

You can always write out a mind map on paper, but it doesn't give you the right canvas or freedom to the surface for your ideas to run free. Mind mapping software is the way to go if you want to try something new and get the most out of your brainstorming sessions. It’s a creative and effective way to brainstorm ideas, organize thoughts, and study information. If done right, this software can help boost your productivity and find new ideas and solutions to your problems. Get started with these mind mapping software for effective brainstorming.


If you don’t need to brainstorm with others and only make mind maps yourself constantly, then XMind could be the best software. It’s user-friendly with its simple interface and perfect for beginners who want to try their hand at mind mapping. You can use it for simple brainstorming sessions or more complex projects that require a lot of detail. Moreover, it is available for different devices, including iOS, macOS, Android, Linux, and Windows.

$39.99 for six months or $59.99 annually (up to 5 desktops & 5 five mobile devices)


Miro is great for teams as it offers real-time collaboration features and a wide range of integrations. It’s perfect for agile project management as it’s very flexible and can be used for various purposes. For example, it enables distributed teams to map out processes, create customer journey maps, co-create charts, or even design prototypes. However, it is pretty difficult to delete unused boards, making it less user-friendly.

It starts from $8/member (you can create a custom plan according to your needs)


Ayoa is a great tool for individuals and teams as it offers a wide range of brainstorming and project management features. If you are looking for a tool that offers a modern mind mapping approach, then Ayoa is the right pick for you. Simply put, it has a serious history of mind mapping and offers all the features you could need, including creating an organic map, a redial map, a capture map, or a speed map. Moreover, you can make a task board or whiteboard to organize your ideas better. With a Mind Map plan starting at $6.95/user/month. However, the Pro plan costs $13 per user with additional features.


This mind mapping tool is perfect for individuals and teams as it offers many features. It’s perfect for people who want to create mind maps that are easy to share and collaborate on. Coggle is highly recommended, especially for beginners who want flowcharts and powerful mind-mapping features. You can use it to create infinite mind maps for free. However, the premium features are only available in the paid version. However, when mind maps get bigger, Coggle can be clunky.

You can use Coggle free for up to 3 diagrams. However, its personal and organization plan is $5/month and $8/month per member, respectively.