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Enigma puzzle game

   ZipBackup - Back up your data to standard ZIP files.

Filename: zipbackup.exe, 945kb
Type: Shareware, $39.95

or as long as you have used a computer, you have known you should backup your data. Great advice, but easier said than done. Backup programs have come and gone, are confusing, and use proprietary formats to store your data. ZipBackup is different! ZipBackup is an easy, yet powerful tool for backing up your data to standard Zip files - the most common type of compressed file. ZipBackup's Wizard makes backups a snap for beginners, and advanced filtering and scheduling make it a powerful tool for experts. You can back up to a hard drive, CD, DVD, floppy disk, removable drive or over a network. ZipBackup spans multiple disks automatically. ZipBackup even allows you to create Incremental and Differential backups so you only need to backup files that have changed. 30 day demo. You won't want to use a computer without it.


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