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Window Washer - Completely eliminate all your computer usage history.

Filename: windowwasher.exe, 3.3Mb
Type: Shareware, $29.95
Traces of everything you do on your computer remain on your system -- documents you’ve used, pictures you’ve viewed, web sites you’ve visited, and more. These tracks of your online activity leave you vulnerable to privacy invasions. They also eat up valuable hard drive space and hog computer resources. You can take back your privacy and improve your system’s performance through regular cleaning of your browser’s cache, cookies, history, recent documents list, and more Window Washer is the original and most advanced system cleaning software available. Called a “must-have surfing tool” by CNET, Window Washer quickly and easily cleans unnecessary and unwanted traces of your online activity. Window Washer is an essential tool or anyone concerned about online privacy and system performance.
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