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Enigma puzzle game

   Winc - Revolutionary WiFi connectivity tool (Win 2k and XP).

Filename: winc.exe, 4.0Mb
Type: Shareware, $9.95

Winc allows you to not only easily find and connect to 802.11- based wireless networks, but also to manage customized wireless connections in a more efficient way, enjoy improved performance, find support for a wider range of wireless network adapters and more quickly get working with the wireless network of choice.

What it does: Winc automatically detects and connects to WiFi networks and stores personalized profiles so you can automatically connect to your favorite networks without having to reconfigure your settings each time. Winc also allows you to instantly set up ad hoc networks anywhere anytime to share resources (such as a high-speed connection to the Internet) and data within a workgroup - without requiring a wireless access point. It is also the "client software" required for implementation of Cirond's innovative AirPatrol Enterprise network management and security solution.

Windows 2000 and XP only.


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