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webcam monitor


WebCam Monitor - Turn on your web cam with sound or motion is detected.

Filename: webcam-monitor.exe, 5.5Mb
Type: Shareware, $69.95

WebCam Monitor provides easy access to predefined activities that can be triggered when motion or sound is detected. You can customize all the parameters involved, the sensitivity of the motion and sound detections, the mode and interval, the number of snapshots. A sophisticated alerting functions, allow you to automatically send captured images by e-mail, or upload them to a Web site for remote viewing as soon as an alert is triggered.

- Automatically or manually monitor for motion and sound.
- Configure motion detection for continuous image comparison.
- Use Activities like Recording Video/Audio, Capturing Snaps, Flashing Screen or Sounding Alarm.
- Sequence Activities into new or existing Actions and select them to be triggered when motion and/or sound are detected.
- Schedule your WebCam or Microphone to start and stop automatically.
- Schedule Monitoring to start automatically.
- Upload your files to any FTP location, periodically or after an Action completes.
- Automatically capture snaps at regular intervals or manually take a snap.
- Preview your snaps and recordings without leaving WebCam Monitor.
- View and maintain WebCam Monitor's Event Logs.


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