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Download Vista Glance - Quickly launch programs or locate files.  
Vista Glance - Quickly launch programs or locate files.

Filename: VistaGlance.exe, 3.1Mb
Type: Shareware. Free to try, $29.95 to buy.

If you have a lot of files you may find yourself spending way too much time either looking for the program in the start menu or churning endlessly in search or spinning your wheels in the My Documents file, especially if you have a lot of files or use them infrequently.

VistaGlance uses elements of artificial intelligence to give you documents you want or to run programs you need within seconds of when you think of them.

Suppose you want to open a specific document. Of course, you know its name or some part of name, or something about its category or keywords. You simply type this little piece of information in VistaGlance (often this is not more than several letters - and it takes less than a second to enter it) you know about this file or program into a small field in your taskbar, or in Explorer toolbar, or in Floating Bar and press Enter. Maybe you do not even guess where this file could be. It is up to computer to figure it out. Less than in a second you get exactly the very thing you need. Maybe there are thousands of files with similar names but you always see exactly what you need. It sounds like a science fiction. However, this is reality. The name of this reality is VistaGlance.

Hard to describe, best to check it out, if you spend time looking for files you'll be amazed how much faster VistaGlance makes finding them.

Download VistaGlance now. Download VistaGlance Now

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