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Tenebril Uninstaller


Tenebril Inc.

Filename: uninstaller.exe, 2.47Mb
Type: Shareware, $19.95
Major features: Allows you to thoroughly remove software you don't want anymore, without leaving behind garbage on your computer. Hunts down files you don't need so that you can safely remove them. Installer feature monitors all the changes a program makes when you install it. Tenebril Uninstaller remembers these changes, so when you uninstall the same program nothing is left behind. Lets you view and change which programs run when you first start your computer. Gives you complete control over your start menu, letting you add and remove elements as you see fit. Manages cookies for you, letting you keep the ones you want and delete the ones you don't. Searches your registry for dead keys. Includes an undo feature that lets you remove keys with confidence, knowing you can always get them back.
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