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undo delete


Undo Delete - Sure recovery of deleted files.

Filename: undo-delete.exe, 1.6b
Type: Shareware, $29.95

The following may sound a bit complex but the bottom line is that Undo Delete pretty much with recovery just about any deleted file regardless of how it was deleted; via a program, it even recovers files deleted by a format. Worth checking out.

Supports all Microsoft Windows file systems for hard and floppy drives, including modern versions of NTFS used in Windows XP/2000 such as sparse files (i.e. files whose contents are mostly zeroes), alternate data streams, etc. Recovery from broken or corrupt striped volumes.

Recovers data from broken or corrupt striped volumes (i.e. RAID 0 or RAID 5) if the individual component physical hard drives are still accessible and the original drive order in the striped volume and the blocking factor are known. In the case of a striped volume with parity (RAID 5), data can be recovered even if one hard drive is missing. (Defunct Volume Search Mode) Recovers data lost due to virus attack.

The quarantine process at the time of virus attack might delete the infected files. It may be that some files are deleted by the virus on your disk or some programs can accidentally delete your files if they crash during a transaction with a file. So, you may lose files even if you do not delete them intentionally using any software program. You can recover such using Undo Delete.

Recovers files from deleted partitions. If you quick format a partition, Undo Delete still tries to show files that were on it before formatting. If a file record was not completely overwritten with a new one, you will see the file in the list and will be able to recover it. You can also search for deleted partitions on the disk and recover files from them.

Recovers files deleted without Recycle Bin Restores the structure of deleted folders. Explore all the files (including the deleted one) on your system. Filter button to show only the deleted files. Includes Wizard which helps you to undelete the files or folders with an easy to use interface. Recovers data from compressed volumes. Recovers the original folder (directory) structure


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