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Trial Bike Basic  

Trial Bike Basic - Drive a trial bike complete with realistic physics.



Filename: TrialBike.exe, 6.1Mb
Type: Shareware. Free to try, $9.95 to buy.

Trial Bike Basic is a new kind of Java game that challenges all present Java games with its real-like and addictive game play. A unique game of driving a Trial-bike with realistic physics model. No referees, no boundaries, just you and your Trial-bike, and a lot of obstacles. Choose your bike and go for it! The less error points, the higher you will be in the top list. If you're a real pro, you can make cool jumps too!

The game is a simulator of driving a Trial Bike. Because of this, the bike and the driver act like real ones making driving more realistic than ever! You can control both the bike and the driver separately with your arrow keys.

Trial bike’s tires are shaped in a way that grip to the surface. Also low air pressure in the tires guarantees that the tires will hold wherever you drive with your bike. In addition, the light body of the bike combines with a huge amount of horse powers making your bike obey you in light speed.

Your aim is to drive through all tracks with as few error points as possible. In Trial Bike Basic, you have 3 bikes and 6 tracks.


- side-scrolling game with a real-like feeling of Trial-Bike

- different bikes have different attributes

- simple to understand and to get started, still the challenge lasts for a long period of time

- the more you play, the more you will get addicted

- very realistic physics model creates really great gaming experience

- 3D rendered graphics

- 2D vector engine with keyframe animations

- you control both the bike and the driver which gives possibility to various different actions

- multiple ways of error-free driving with either careful driving or crazy jumps and speed-driving

You'll need Java (version 1.1.8 or newer) for this guy but if you don't have it (you probably do) the program will detect this at install time and prompt you to install it.

Download Trial Bike Basic Now

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