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total power guitar, teach yourself to play the guitar

Total Power Guitar - Teach yourself to play the guitar.

Filename: totalpowerguitar109.exe, 25Mb
Type: Shareware, $19.95

I've always wanted to learn how to play the guitar. When I was younger guys that played the guitar got all the good looking women and now it's too late for that to even be a possibility but it's still a lot of fun. But learning how to play can sure be frustrating. Total Power Guitar makes it easy.

Just like riding a bike your first few times at trying to play are most important. If you wreck you might never try again. Total Power Guitar keeps you safe and makes sure you learn the right way. You'll surprise yourself from the very first lesson with how much you can play. Here's why:

-Total Power Guitar teaches guitar in a whole new way, from the ground up. Even experienced players find better ways of playing.

-TPG uses special techniques to unlock your creativity- you solo, create music, and write your own songs easily.

-Total Power Guitar shows you the secrets that make guitar simple, and breaks down your own barriers so you play effortlessly, anywhere, anytime.

-Teaches you to play just like you speak- instantly and without having to think about it.

-It's designed to be used with or without a guitar teacher.

-Works for all styles of guitar- rock, country, jazz, classical, folk, etc.

-Has 5 minute sections, so even the busiest person can play a little bit each day.

-Anyone can use TPG. Kids as young as 8 and as young as 60 have learned guitar with TPG.

-Teaches all basic chords and scales, and was written for acoustic, electric, and classical guitars. It also teaches pickstyle and fingerstyle guitar playing.

-Includes a built-in metronome, tuning notes (and special lessons on how to tune your guitar and change strings), plus play-a-long tracks and chord/scale charts that you can print out and take anywhere.

-Thousands have taught themselves to play with TPG.

A great guitar needs someone to play it. Begin your journey to what you've always wanted.

When you see yourself playing guitar, see Total Power Guitar.

Total Power Guitar is free to try. You get 3 unlimited trials (use it for as long as you want 3 times) in 5 days.



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