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top process manager


Top Process Manager -  Monitor and manage system resources and processes. Take Control!

Filename: top-process-manager.exe, 4.5Mb
Type: Shareware, $12.95

Top Process Manager is software through which allows you to monitor system resources and manage processes running on your computer. Why is Top Process Manager needed? The lack of functionality provided by Microsoft Windows default Task Manager (let's face it Task Manager is kind of weak) and it's very hard to examine a process through Task Manager. Top Process Manager provides you more information and power to manage running processes on your computer and monitor system resources. Top - Process Manager will show you each process with their icons and path as well as provide you all the necessary information to identify a process. Not only that, it will show you the category of a process. The categories are System, Common, Unknown and Threat. These days every one of us encounters spyware. Top Process Manager allows you to easily identify spyware by looking at the detailed process information provided, something Task Manager doesn't provide.

Top Process Manager can also generate reports of the processes running on your computer which could be very useful if you need to send it to a third party/online forum for technical support or comment.


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