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Enigma puzzle game

   HoldEm Partner -
Texas Hold’em poker software cheat for online poker.

Filename: HoldEmPartner.exe, 9.3Mb
Type: Shareware, $27.95

Hold’em Partner is the Number One rated online Texas Hold’em poker software companion.  Hold’em Partner is a software tool that works with all online poker sites and gives the player an advantage in knowing all the critical statistics needed to increase chances of being a successful Texas Hold’em Player.  Hold’em Partner provides Hand Analysis, Pocket Card Ranks, Pocket Card Nicknames, Odds, Overcard Percentages, Number of Outs, Professional Recommendations, and Online Poker Tells all in a very easy to use, user friendly, fun, graphical format within a familiar windows software environment.  With Hold’em Partner, YOU have the advantage!

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