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Add/Remove Programs
Easy Uninstaller -  Easily and completely remove installed programs.
1 Click Add n Remove - Remove programs quickly and completely.
Add/Remove Plus! - Solution to adding, removing programs in Windows.
Your Uninstaller  - The world's 1st smart Drag & Uninstall uninstaller. As easy to use as the recycle bin.
Uninstaller -Thoroughly remove software you don't want anymore.

Advanced System Protection - Removes and protects against malware, spyware, etc. without using a lot of computer resources.
True Sword - Protect against viruses, adware, spyware, malware and more.
Vaccine 46 - Small, non-intrusive but effective virus, spyware and malware protection.
CyberScrub AntiVirus - The last anti-virus program you'll ever need.

Backup Software
Memeo Instant Backup - Simple and easy backup to a local drive.
Memeo Backup Premium - Simple automatic and continuous backup, local and remote.
DumpTimer - Backup MySQL and Restore MySQL databases with DumpTimer. Migrate MySQL databases to new server.
Versomatic - Go back in time to any version of any file you've ever edited. Way cool.
SyncBackSE - Easily backup, synchronize, or restore your files to another drive, FTP server, ZIP file, networked drive or removable media.
Club Backup - Cheap online backup that is safe and secure.
SynchroMaster - Synchronize files and/or folders to another PC or drive.
FolderClone -  Fast, flexible backup, synchronization, replication & mirroring of files.
Synchromagic Pro - Keep your files and folders in perfect synchronization. Great for laptop/desktop sync or backup.
TK8 Backup -Easy backup of files and folders.
Photos Forever - Easy backup of all your precious digital photos.
QRav -  Backup and secure your valuable emails, My Documents folder, and more.
FolderMatch -  Easily compare and synchronize the contents of any two files or folders.
ZipBackup - Back up your data to standard ZIP files.
Daily Backup - Never lose an important file!
Eazy Backup -The intelligent backup system. Back up your critical files.
SOS Crash Recovery - Create a hard drive image backup for an easy restore.

Disk Tools and Disk Utilities
Disk Doctors Undelete - Recover deleted files from hard drive, flash drives, SD cards and USB and Firewire drives.
Disk Doctors Instant File Recovery - Recovers deleted file, even after the Recycle Bin has been emptied.
Disk Doctors Windows Data Recovery - Recover deleted files, even after being removed from the recycle bin, even recover deleted partitions.
Disk Doctors Email (.DBX) Recovery - Repairs and recovers damaged DBX and EML files (Outlook Express).
Power Recovery - Recover deleted files, lost partitions, formatted volumes and other disk disasters.
DriveSitter - Disk Drive SMART attribute monitoring software.
DiskMagik - The best hard drive defragment program for Windows.
Selkie Rescue - Recover data from a crashed hard drive.
NameWiz - Bulk file rename utility. Easily rename files including MP3 from tags.
CloneMaster -Find Duplicate Files with CloneMaster and clear up wasted disk space.
Space Hound - Stop Wasting Hard Drive Space. Sniff Out and Eliminate Wasted Disk Space.
File Scavenger - Easily recover lost and deleted files with File Scavenger.
Photo Recovery Wizard - Recover deleted or corrupted photos from memory card or hard drive.
Owl Commander - Windows File Manager Replacement for Explorer and a lot more.
File Manager - Complete Windows file manager.
True Image - Hard drive image backup and restore program.
Image For Windows - Drive image backup and restore utility.
Urgent Recovery - Recover lost or deleted files or disk partitions, even after format or fdisk.
Disk Director Suite - Manage Partitions, Multiboot, Drive Recovery and Disk Editor.
Easy SpaceGuard - Easily clean up and control junk files.
Undo Delete - Sure recovery of deleted files.
Directory Report - Directory printer and much, much more.
DOC Regenerator - Recover corrupt or lost Microsoft Word documents.
Disk Watchman - Monitor your hard, removable and mapped network drive resources and get notified by E-mail/ICQ/SMS/sound.
Disk Triage - Specialized utility to track and report disk usage.
Recover - Undelete & Recover deleted files from virtually any media.
HDD Regenerator - HDD Regenerator will regenerate your hard disk.

File & Folder Security/Encryption
NCrypt XL - NCrypt XL secures Excel spreadsheets by encrypting every cell.
ShareAlarm Pro - Monitor shared folders and resource. A great way to audit network security.
Folder Crypt - Encrypt Windows files or folders with heavy encryption.
Advanced File Lock - Instantly lock any file with a password with a click.
File Security Manager - Put XP Pro type security on files and folders in Windows XP Home Edition.
1 Click Encrypt -Automatically encrypt and protect your documents.
MyPadlock - Lock and key security for files, email, IM and chat.
Final Folder Security - Lock and secure data fast.
Filing Cabinets - Fully customizable filing cabinet for all your files. Keep them handy and secure.
Screen Lock - Password protect your workstation or server. Win NT/2k/XP.

File Managers - File Utilities
ComparatorPro - Synchronize your files between PCs, backups or any removable media.
Sun Glance - Quickly locate files by filename.
Pentasuite Pro - Complete file management system.
File Stamper - Create quick backup or copy or a file with version number, date, more.
Filing Cabinets ! -  Put cabinet files on your desktop; mouse over them and they open.
Open Plus - Associate file types to multiple applications.
Synchromagic Pro - Keep your files and folders in perfect synchronization.
RenameMan - Easily rename lots of files or folders.
Automatic Synchronizer The perfect (and easy) way to keeps files/folders synchronized.
AimAtFile - Fast, fast, fast file searching. Don't waste time looking for stuff, use AimAtFile.
Associate This - Stop fighting with applications that "steal" the default program you use to open certain files.
3dBrowser - File explorer which makes viewing, editing and organizing your files easier.
Network Tools
Internet Control for Business - Control, filter and limit employee Internet access with flexibility.
ezShare - The easiest way to share files over a local area network in XP or Vista.
DU Meter - Get an accurate handle on your network (either LAN or Internet) bandwidth and usage.
Employee Activity Watcher - Monitor and log activity on any computer on the network.
BlueAuditor - Detect and monitor Bluetooth devices in a wireless environment.
Network Security Auditor- Audit and monitor network computers for security.
MySpeed PC Advanced - Accurately test and record your bandwidth and connection speed.
Personal File Server - Host multiple files and folders on your computer.
PC Remote - Access another computer from a remote location.
Auto FTP Manager - Powerful ftp software.
Net Activity Diagram - Monitor and control network traffic.
Winc - Revolutionary WiFi connectivity tool.
NetRanger -  Multi-featured networking/Internet toolkit.
CallerIp - Show connection and connection information to your system in real time.
P-Ping Tools - Useful tool for detecting network work.
FTP Voyager - My personal favorite FTP software. I use this guy multiple times every day.
IP Switcher Pro - Change network settings without rebooting. Advanced version.
IP Switcher Basic - Change network settings without rebooting. Basic version.

Registry Fixers and Windows Optimizers
RegistryBooster - Deep scan, clean and repair the Windows registry.
Registry Reviver - Diagnose, clean and repair the Windows registry for optimum performance.
My Registry Cleaner - Speed up your PC, remove errors and stop crashes today by cleaning the Windows registry. Vista ready.
System Cleaner - Clean up junk files, start up programs, completely uninstall programs and clean the Windows registry.
Advanced Vista Optimizer - Clean and fix the registry and more in Windows XP and Vista.
Registry Booster - Clean, repair and optimize the Windows registry.
Registry Medic - A Windows registry fixer and cleaner with extras, including IE repair.
Registry Fix Unlimited Fixer -  Automated Windows repair technology.
RegFix Mantra - The next generation of Windows Registry Fixers.
RegCompact Pro - Compact and compress the Windows Registry and make Windows run faster.
PC Doc Pro - Windows registry fixer.
Registry Compressor - Compress the Windows Registry and Improve Performance.
Clean My PC Registry Cleaner -  Rid the bloat in Windows registry.
Registry Cleaner - Fix and Clean the Windows Registry.
1 Click Fixer Plus - Registry Fixer. Easy to use registry fixer.
Registry First Aid  -  Powerful Registry Tool. Clean up your registry, prevent crashes, more.
Registry Compactor - Defrag your registry much like defrag for your hard drive. Shrink it, save space and improve performance.

Spyware Removal and Security Tools
Crisystec Sentry - Maximum PC security.
Computer Watchdog - Monitor and restrict any and everything that goes on with your computer.
MAXA Lock Pro - Lock down your computer TIGHT. MAXA can even page your phone or send you pictures of attempted intruders.
Titanium Antivirus and Antispyware - Protect from viruses and spyware in one program.
Hide My IP - Hide your IP address for anonymous surfing.
True Sword - Protect against viruses, adware, spyware, malware and more.
HistorySweep - Remove browsing history including Persistent Identification Elements.
Ghostsurf - Stops spyware, eliminates ads and erases your tracks. Be invisible online.
All Cleaner -  Clean (remove) files automatically.
S.W.A.T Pro -  Close the gap in PC security.
Clean Mantra - Complete online privacy and protection tool
Privacy Suite ES Pro - Erase, Delete, Wipe, Overwrite, Purge Your Sensitive DATA with Privacy Suite.
Patrol It - Complete and comprehensive online security.
Sniper Firewall - Be safe online, use Sniper Firewall to protect your computer.
Spyware Elminator - Eliminate spyware the quick and easy way.
Spyware Eliminator - Protect Your Privacy.
Privacy Guardian - Protect your online privacy.
Personal Firewall - Stop hackers and data thieves and protect your PC from Internet-borne threats.
Window Washer - Improve security by removing all traces of your surfing activities.
SpySweeper - Protect your computer from spyware.
SafePC - Get protection from key loggers, screen capture and other spyware.
Anti Tracks - Maximum privacy using NSA and DOD secure erasing methods.
Cleaning Agent - Cleaning Agent is a handy disk and file cleaning utility.
Windows Utilities and Tweakers
Driver Scanner - Keep your drivers updated for maximum performance.
Driver Reviver - Painlessly update drivers in just a few clicks.
Tweaking Toolbox Vista - Change hundreds of Windows Vista settings, improving appearance, performance and functionality.
Auto Shutdown - The intelligent way to manage shut down, power off, reboot, hibernate or suspend.
AbpMon - Track all Windows resources, set alerts, free memory and more.
TaskInfo - Real time task manager and system info tool.
WinTasks Professional - Security, information and control of running tasks in Windows.
System Mechanic - Full Service for Your PC.
Top Process Manager -  Monitor and manage system resources and processes.
Turbo Memory -  Optimize and recovery memory (RAM) in Windows.
StartUp Doctor -  Control Windows start up programs.
PC 1 Click 7 Day License -   7 Day lease of advanced proprietary repair technology.
1 Click Fixer Plus - Essential tools; registry fixer, optimizer, registry backup and more.
EZ Macros - "Program" a keyboard shortcut to perform tasks.
NitroBOOT - Make Windows boots faster/control what starts automatically.
NitroRAM - Optimize RAM and speed up Windows.
Speed Up My PC - Keep Your PC on the fast track.
System Sentry - Correct general protection errors, freezes, more.
RadarSync - Automatically update software and drivers.
Ultimate Troubleshooter - The ultimate task, services, & startup manager.
Win TuneUp Pro - Make your system run smooth, faster and error-free.
Geek Superhero - Warns of program and computer changes, fixes them, more.
StartUp Guru- Take control of the Windows boot process.
TuneUp Utilities - Utility suite for registry, clean-up, personalization and more.
Advanced System Optimizer Supercharge performance, tweak and customize Windows.
PC Booster - Speed up your PC by tweaking hidden settings.
Startup Faster - Speed up Windows boot process.
System Workshop - A system maintenance utility that can aid in keeping your computer running at optimal performance levels.
Tweaking Toolbox - Change hundreds of registry settings in Windows.

Windows Productivity and Desktop Utilities
Launcher - Replace the start menu with your own shortcut manager and program launcher.
mySB - Create and edit your very own Windows start button.
XP Visual Tools - Desktop enhancement for XP; transparency, vistual style, wallpaper changer and more.
RecentX - Super fast access to documents, folders, programs and websites.
MasterFind - Find files FAST. Search all your files, your entire hard drive, in seconds.
Vista Glance - Quickly launch programs or locate files.
Product Key Explorer - Retrieve product key for Windows, Office, more.
SpotAuditor - Recover and reveal passwords.
Keybreeze - Program launcher, keyboard macro program.
MultiBatcher - Automate tasks and never do the same work twice.
Direct Access - Do any Windows task by using custom command words.
Countdown Timer - Count down time until you have to do something else.
Task Butler - Easily schedule Windows tasks and alarms.
Print Screen Deluxe - Screen capture and print or save, even text from read only documents.
Suretype - Speed up your computing with keyboard/mouse shortcuts.
Cute Reminder - Desktop notes, reminder and ideas all on screen sticky notes.
Cacheboost Pro - Free up available memory with intelligent cache management.
Asterisk Password Recovery- Recover hidden passwords.
Folder Jockey - Easily organize/access shortcuts to folders.
Magic Notes - Desktop sticky note utility.
WindowShade- Temporarily hide windows that are obscuring your view.
SleuthhousePDF - A search engine for your hard drive.
AlphaXP - Unlock the power of Windows transparency (2000 and XP).
Multi Desktop - Create multiple desktops, all with different programs and different screen resolutions.
HotKeyz - HotKeyz is a keyboard utility with hotkey control for executing other files, folders or RUN commands.
Direct Folders - Direct folders is an enhancement to the open and save dialogs and adds many features.
Hot CPU Tester - Hot CPU Tester Pro is a system stability tester. It tests CPU, and virtually all parts of the motherboard.
Capture & Send  - One-key to capture & send your screenshot.
DeskWay - DeskWay collects the most commonly used and repeated words for fast input.
Ultramouse - Automate common functions with your mouse.
UltraKeyboard - Keyboard macros, keyspy to record keystrokes.

ZIP and File Compression Utilities
AlphaZip - The easiest way to handle zip files.
CompreXX - Archives behave like folders in explorer! Full support for 28 archive types.
PicoZip - File compression utility. Handles loads of different formats including ZIP, etc.

Miscellaneous Windows Utilities
Print Designer Gold - Handles all your printing and form needs. Envelopes, business cards, labels, you name it.
Event Log Watchdog - Event Log Watchdog will send you email when events you specify occur.
NetShareWatcher - Monitor and control network shares.
Lock Your PC - Lock your PC after a specific period of usage.
Ink Saver - Save ink printing with your inkjet printer.
ActivePrint - Print your PocketPC documents from your PC.
CallZap - Stop unwanted telephone calls.
Clipmate - The ultimate tool for managing the Windows clipboard.
ClipCache Plus - ClipCache Plus is an easy to use and powerful clipboard extender.
dataStor - Define structures for storing any sort of information.
Move Me - Migrate programs from your old computer to your new automatically.


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