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system sentry

   System Sentry - Correct general protection errors, freezes, more.

Filename: system-sentry.exe, 4.0Mb
Type: Shareware, $29.95

For Windows XP, 2000, 2003 and NT only.

If you're having problems with General Protection Errors, screen freezes, program hang-ups, programs performing incorrectly, illegal operations error messages and other errors, System Sentry may be able to repair the problem so that these problems no longer occur. System Sentry finds all corrupted, replaced, added, incorrect versions, and dates of your system files and replaces them for you. This helps avoid the often unnecessary and frustrating task of reinstalling Windows or specific problem programs. System Sentry offers the following features: - Find Dll files no longer needed in the System folder -Find file dependencies to fix illegal operation errors and more - View all running Tasks and their dependencies - Cyclic Redundancy Check, detects files that are corrupt or possibly infected by a virus. - A Program Aligner that makes programs load faster. - Quick Scan, finds and corrects file version conflicts that can cause your system to often lock up. It finds system files that have been added or deleted. - System Version Checker finds and fixes incorrect system file versions. - Extension Association, provides an in-depth analysis of any and all program extensions that may exist on your PC. For example, the Current Key Value, Project Value, the associated icon, and the program that executes the specific extension. - Redundant DLL Checker, ascertains the current .dll files installed, reveals redundant .dll files and newer versions. It allows you to delete the older version of the .dll file, replacing and associating it with the new.


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