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swat pro

S.W.A.T Pro -  Close the gap in PC security.

Filename: swat-pro.exe, 3.7Mb
Type: Shareware, $9.95

SWAT Pro closes the gap in PC security. Even with antivirus and firewalls, thousands of users PCs are compromised every day. SWAT Pro locks down your PC by closing holes in the operating system used by hackers and other malicious threats.

SWAT Pro's scoring technology provides a security rating from 0 to 10, which depicts a systems risk through the evaluation of the computer's settings and configuration. The advanced feature "Secure Me Now" implements a security policy on the PC, derived from trusted sources such as the: Center for Internet Security, Microsoft, NSA, NIST, and SANS Institute. SWAT Pro also reduces spyware infections by eliminating vulnerabilities associated with the OS and associated applications.


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