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Download Startup Faster  

Startup Faster - Improve Windows boot time and decrease startup time.


Filename: startup-faster-setup.exe, 2.3Mb
Type: Shareware. Free to try, $29.99 to buy.

Startup Faster makes your computer boot much faster by launching your start-up applications one at a time rather than attempting to do them all at once like Windows does (sometimes more than 30 programs run at the same time, that's why your computer may be very slow when starting up). You can control how quickly they launch (from 1 second between launches for fast computers to many seconds for slow computers). It also comes with a start-up manager which you can take full control of the start-up programs, you can enable/disable or permanently delete them. With this program, you will hardly hear the noise of your hard disk when booting up. Your system is instantly ready for use with this program.

Download Startup Faster Now

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