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Enigma puzzle game

   Sniper Firewall - Be safe online, use Sniper Firewall to protect your computer.

Filename: sniper-firewall.exe, 9.4Mb
Type: Shareware, $29.95

SNIPER Your Internet Guardian! The Internet has become a dangerous place, with hackers using spy like tools to monitor your PC, dispatching malicious code to initiate disabling attacks, or running remote control programs that take over the control and operation of your PC. Sniper is your always patrolling guardian against these threats and more. Sniper can see when someone is trying to hack your system and will initiate prevention measures and eliminate the threat before the threat eliminates your data and system operations. Now you can protect yourself against these threats and give yourself the assurance that there is always someone guarding your PC without fail. With Patrol IT SNIPER Personal Firewall you can take control of your online security with a level of confidence and assured protection. SNIPER Firewall places a barrier between the Internet and your PC, helping to block unauthorized computers from accessing your computer and allowing you to neutralize the threat before it becomes a problem. Sniper is designed to be a watchful Internet Guardian programmed to immediately neutralize potential and known threats before they are able to infiltrate your computer and compromise your data, identity, and system performance. Each time your computer is attempted to be compromised or attacked, you get instant e-mail notification or log history based on your system settings detailing the event. Sniper- Designed to neutralize threats - is your front line defense to any unauthorized computer usage. Prevent computers from attaching to your system today, protect your data, preserve your Identity, and mostly use your system with confidence that you are protected by the leaders in Data Protection and Recovery.

Sniper is a subscription based product. When you purchase SNIPER you are making a purchase for a 1 year license. Renewal of this license will be necessary 1 year from the time it is registered. Renewals are done at a 40% Discount off the regular price of the product at the time of renewal.


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