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Downloads -> Games -> Card Games -> Simon Says Blackjack

Download Simon Says Blackjack - Excellent blackjack simulation (not an online casino game).  
Simon Says Blackjack - Excellent blackjack simulation (not an online casino game).

Filename: simon-says-blackjack.exe, 9.0Mb
Type: Shareware. Free to try, $19.95 to buy.

This is NOT an online casino game. It is a single player Blackjack simulation with some unique features. You can force the computer players to use your techniques as a trial to validate your playing ideas based on simple charts that you can build as a part of the game. The game will show current card counts, statistics, and much more. You can even have the game play automatically based on different move charts you can build for each player.

Playing charts are easy to edit and develop within the game and a different chart can be used for each player, allowing you to explore your ideas for best blackjack moves easily and quickly. The bet amount of these players can also be set by the player. Using the simulation feature of the game all 3 players will play according to the chart assigned to that player and vary the game bet based on the bet procedure assigned to each with no outside input from the user. With the game speed set all the way up, a large number of hands can be played in a short period of time, allowing many game play strategies to be explored quickly.

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