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rename man





Filename: renameman.exe, 1.7Mb
Type: Shareware, $19.99

If you use the Windows GUI it can take hours to rename files. RenameMan is a tool that lets you rename lots of files or folders.

RenameMan is designed to be very quick and easy to use for both experienced and occasional users. One of the ways it does this is by automatically finding patterns in the files that have been selected for renaming. The user interface is then automatically configured to rename any parts that the names have in common. Another feature that makes RenameMan both quicker and easier to use is the ability to store commonly used rename commands.

RenameMan has a lot of flexibility when it comes to selecting files to rename. Files can be selected in Windows Explorer and then RenameMan can be launched from the context menu. Files can be dragged from Windows Explorer and dropped into RenameManís files list. RenameMan also has powerful built-in commands to select files or folders. You can select all files that match a pattern (such as "*.doc"), or select all files except those that match a pattern. It is also possible to select all files up to a given depth from a folder hierarchy.

RenameMan has special support for filenames that contain embedded numbers. One such feature is the ability to add leading zeros to a number embedded in a filename. This is very useful since it allows sequences of files to appear in the correct order when alphabetically sorted in a browser. RenameMan also has an "auto-number" facility to generate numbered names for files.

RenameMan also has special support for MP3 files. These can be renamed using information from the ID3 tags in these files, which contain information such as track title and artist.

RenameMan also has an option to ignore filename extensions when renaming, since it is very often the case that you don't want to change the extension.

At all times RenameMan shows how the selected files will be renamed, before any files are physically changed on the disk. It also detects problems such as renaming to existing filenames, making it very safe to use.


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