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RC Localize - Expand your market; easily localize your application into any language.

RC Localize - Expand your market; easily localize your application into any language.


Filename: relocalize.exe 6.6Mb
Free to try. $99.00 if you decide to buy it.

RC Localize is a tool, which will help you to localize your Windows resource files (MSDEV RC resources files). Localize your application really easily: select the resource file, add the languages in which you want localize your application and you are ready to start the translation. The RC Localize integrated environment simplifies greatly the localization for all the text, which are in your resources. For each item, you clearly see the text in your native language and the translations in each language you added to the resource.

RC Localize will save your time and make your application more secure:

Time is precious! Save your time!
It's no more necessary to use the fastidious MSDEV editor for localizing your resources files. RC Localize makes the navigation through the resources items really easy and it finds items, which have not already been translated.

Leave the translation to a translator: give him the RC Localize project
This will allows him to focus only on the translation. He doesn't need to have your resources files and to edit them with the resources editor. Moreover, verification flags will help him to find the items, which has been modified and which need to be checked again.

Create more secure release of your application: using RC Localize, you are sure that all items of original resource are in the localized resource
It's not really safe to use the resource editor for localizing your resources files. Your application might crash if you add an item to a dialog in a given language and omit to add it in the others languages of your resource. You can also forget to translate an item or forget to report changes among the different languages of your resource. You'll not be trapped anymore using RC Localize, and your localized application is more secure.

Localized resources can contain one or more languages
Using RC Localize you choose the language you want to include in your localized resources, when you export them. Nothing is easier to generate a multilanguage's release for your application or a dedicated release, which contains only a given language.

RC Localize - Expand your market; easily localize your application into any language.Download RC Localize Now!
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