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QRav -  Backup and secure your valuable emails, My Documents folder, and more.

Filename: qrav.exe, 1.3Mb
Type: Shareware, $14.95

Backup and secure your valuable emails, My Documents folder, and more.

Unlike normal backup programs, QRav doesn't simply backup everything on your computer. QRav only backs-up the most critical data such as your emails and personal documents. That takes much less time, and therefore is practical for anyone to do!

You never know when disaster could hit your computer. You might get a virus and be forced to reformat your hard drive, or there might be a power surge, or your hard drive might simply break. If you don't have a recent backup of your important data, you will have to spend many hours recovering from the disaster. With QRav, however, a few clicks and your data is back to normal.

There is no better time than now to start backing up your data.

Backup Microsoft Outlook

Backup Microsoft Outlook Express

Backup Eudora

Backup IncrediMail

Backup Pegasus Mail

Backup My Documents

Backup other person folders

Backup Internet Explorer Favorites

Password protect files

Split files so that they fit on CD-R's, floppy disks, or other removable media

Save common backup settings


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