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pretty good solitaire


Pretty Good Solitaire


Goodsol Development

Filename: prettygoodsolitaire.exe, 5.9Mb
Type: Shareware, $24.00

They call it "pretty good", I call it "outstanding"! My favorite solitaire program.

You will enjoy countless hours of fun with Pretty Good Solitaire. Play 600 different solitaire card games, from classic games like Klondike, FreeCell, and Spider, to original games found nowhere else.

Play Pyramid, Cruel, Gaps (Montana), Crescent, Diplomat, Indian Patience, and original games such as Demons and Thieves, Aces and Kings, and Double FreeCell. You think FreeCell is hard? Wait until you play two decks at once. A hoot.

Pretty Good Solitaire contains a solitaire game for every mood. Whether you want an easy, mindless game or an intellectual challenge, you will find it here.


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