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patrol it

Patrol It - Complete and comprehensive online security


Filename: patrol-it.exe, 11.6Mb

Type: Shareware, $49.95

Patrol It is a comprehensive solution that will not only offer you the level of protection necessary to have the comfort level and confidence that your computer is protected but offers a product that is CONFLICT FREE. Lets face it, every computer user knows that software conflicts. One will cancel out the other to gain position in the protection of the computer system. This is not the case with Patrol IT. Our product integrates all these product into one easy to use conflict free suite. And best of all the product is priced at the cost of a single solution. If you consider all the products we offer in the Suite and add up the average cost you would pay in excess of $150 for the individual products. Patrol IT is priced at a level where you can afford the product as well as benefit from the combination protection we offer. The main features and tasks Patrol IT does for you are: E-mail Attachment Scanning E-mail Content Scanning SPAM Blocker NET Bios Firewall Elimidata - Web Browser Clean Up Pop Up Blocker Web Page Scanner Centralized Management Console Features further Explained: Content Security: Checks and blocks e-mails and websites for restricted or offensive content. Great Spam Blocker Solution. Web Access and Browser Restrictions: Patrol IT auto blocks access to porn, gambling & other sites that have harmful content. You can specify restricted words like xxx, gambeling, etc. that should be blocked. Any web page with such words is blocked. This can also be used as a Parental Blocker if necessary. Pop-Up Ad Blocker: Stops pop-ups from being displayed on your system. You can create a white list to allow Pop-Ups for specific sites. Hot key allows you to temporarily allow pop-ups. Elimidata Privacy Protection: Auto erase tracks of sites you visit, paths to opened files, downloads, etc. Sniper Net Bios Firewall: Added for additional security against remote computer access. Easy to Manage and Control: Easy to manage and control with features such as automated installation, centralized deployment, automatic downloads of Updates. Comprehensive Object Management: Patrol IT understands different file types, compression formats and data streams. It looks inside the Internet traffic and identifies complex architecture. Fast Updates reduce download time: Patrol IT downloads the latest Anti-Virus Updates quickly and efficiently. Using an incremental update procedure, it downloads only the changes in the virus pattern file. This ensures that downloads are restricted to only fresh items and you do not download older material. Messaging Options: Patrol IT allows System Administrators to collect scanning and Anti Virus activity reports centrally, consolidate them and e-mail them (via SMTP) to any e-mail ID. This helps them to keep track of outbreaks and their source.

Free Technical Support: With your purchase of Patrol IT you receive 1 Year Free Technical Support via e-mail and Live On Line Technical Support to those who register. Additionally, you will receive On line Updates free for one year with your initial purchase. With this also comes a centralized content Administrator where you can configure your custom settings for the program. The application will even go as far as to send notification to you, and the sender of e-mail that has content violations and offensive or unauthorized attachments. The goal of Patrol It is to provide a central location for the management of internet content and increase the users Internet security from a managed conflict free zone without having to sacrifice cost for quality. The Technology behind Patrol IT has been proven and tested in numerous settings and has a place in both the consumer and corporate markets.


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