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my personal translator


My Personal Translator



Filename: mypersonaltranslator.exe, 4.2Mb
Type: Shareware, $79.95
Language Translation Software allows you to Translate Word Documents between 15 Language Pairs. You can even Translate Foreign Web Sites while surfing. Translate Text, RTF and Microsoft® Word® documents between 15 different language pairs with My Personal Translator. Simply open your document, click Translate and save them back to the original format. In addition, you can also specify a URL and My Personal Translator will translate the webpage for you. My Personal Translator makes it easy for you to browse a website in the language of your choice. Once translated, you do not have to translate every webpage you navigate. Just click the links on the webpage and navigate automatically to the webpage’s translated content. My Personal Translator aims at accurate translation by providing Translation Memory that stores source and target language pairs. If you find a translated phrase or sentence incorrect, you can simply type in the correct translation in the Translation Memory. My Personal Translator will use this translation for every document and webpage you then translate.


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