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Download MultiBatcher - Automate tasks and never do the same work twice.  
MultiBatcher - Automate tasks and never do the same work twice.

Filename: multibatcher.exe, 1.4Mb
Type: Shareware. Free to try, $29.99 to buy.

Automate and never do the same work twice. Use the built-in conversion, batch and automation tools to save time. Speed up and automate big amounts of all repetitive file related work. Develop or download more integrated automation modules and plugins.
Excert full control and define complete automation processes.

Visually configure all available tools in sequences and batch operations:
List which files and directories to match and process.
Define which modules and tools to apply on the files matched.
Chain multiple projects to run and execute in connection with each other.

Includes a number of built in functions: ftp upload, text replacement, resize and create image thumbnails, file delete and more.

Download Multibatcher Now

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