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manna munchers game


Manna Munchers


Full Armor Studios

Filename: mannamunchers.exe, 3.2Mb
Type: Shareware, $19.95
Once your new game has begun, CLICK anywhere on the board and the Muncher will go to that space along the green path. He'll eat any food he walks into along the way.

Each as much food as possible without hitting the chomper...he'll take points away when he bites you!

The BLUE bar on the left shows your points. When you have enough to finish the level, the BLUE will fill all the way to the top. The RED bar on the right is your timer. Once it's empty, time's up!

Tasty Treats

There are lots of different foods to eat as you work your way through the many levels.

Each food has different point values. If you can keep your MUNCHER moving, you can earn BIG points with MULTIMUNCH combos. Chow Down!

Point values for foods start at 100 points (Apple) and range up to 1500 points (Roast Turkey).

Their values increase in the order shown above.

Watch for more valuable foods...they will rack your score up much faster!


Big bonuses for MULTIMUNCH combos can cause POWER UPs to appear on the board.

Whenever a POWER UP appears, make a move for it! The Chomper can steal them!

Here's the POWER UPs and what they do:

SPEEDY SHOES...Munchers run super fast and are invulnerable.

WATER WALLS...Munchers and Chomper can walk through all barriers.

FROZEN FOE...Freezes Chomper in his tracks.

PIZZA PARTY...All food on the board becomes pizza.

BURGER BLAST...All food becomes tasty cheeseburgers.

TURKEY TIME...All food becomes roast turkeys.

FEEDING FRENZY...Munchers will race around and eat everything in sight!


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