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mah jonng


Mah Jonng



Filename: mahjongg.exe, 6.6Mb
Type: Shareware, $19.95

Around the World in 80 Minutes' is basically played the same way as the classic Mah Jongg game. The goal of the game is to remove all the tiles of a level to advance to the next round of play. Match like tiles together to remove them. A removable tile must have no neighbor to either the right or the left and have no tiles on top of it. Use the left mouse button to select a tile. Different from the classic game where a level consists of 144 tiles, a 'journey' in this game can have between 92 to 400 tiles. The longer the distance between start and destination the more tiles there are. There are always at least four (at the most eight) tiles with the identical symbol or tiles of the same kind (e.g. four different types of dragons). Removing pairs of identical tiles or of the same kind in succession will win you bonus points. There are two game modes. If you 'TRAVEL THE WORLD' the goal of the game is to go (play) around the world in 80 minutes. There are three routes consisting of different levels. Each level has a time limit. In total there is a maximum of 80 minutes. There are two junctions (Bombay, Hawaii) which allow you to change the route. The second game mode is to play a SINGLE LEVEL. You can play your favorite level without a time limit. At the beginning the first level of every route is predetermined. Once you have completed a level the following level(s) will be available. Features - Full screen action - 44 levels of play - 2 game modes - 5 tile layouts - 12 background tunes - Hint function - Undo function

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