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Magic Notes


Magic Notes -
Desktop sticky note utility.

Filename: magic-notes.exe, 3759Kb
Type: Shareware, $15.00

Magic Notes is a feature-packed sticky note utility for Windows computers. Now you don't need to launch a memory-hogging word processor or PIM to create or manage your notes! A single-click on the system tray icon creates a new note. Notes can be set to appear as reminders at specific dates and times, including recurring intervals. Magic Notes is network turbocharged so you can immediately send a note to the desktop of any other PC running Magic Notes, over a LAN or even the internet! This is a great tool for instant communication with colleagues and friends, or for use in a small office or over a home LAN. Note text can also be automatically inserted into a new email message in your MAPI compatible mail program such as Outlook Express or Eudora. The appearance of your notes is highly customizable, including note size, note color, font type, font size, and font color. A Note Organizer window provides centralized access to all of your notes. From the organizer notes can be toggled between hidden and displayed, and various note settings including alarms can be modified. The Note Organizer can sort notes based on several criteria, making finding any note a snap.


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