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Download Livepad - Research tool, information manager and note taker.  
Livepad - Research tool, information manager and note taker.


Filename: livepad.exe, 4.4Mb
Type: Shareware. Free to try, $29.99 to buy.

LivePad is hard to describe but if I had to put it on a bumper sticker I guess "information your way in one place and ready to go". Okay, so it'd be a long bumper sticker.

First you can draw anywhere just like you would with a pad and pen. No lines, no cells, just a freeform note taker. Capture web stuff; pictures, URL's, audio and even suck in DOC files. Easily search for info you've entered across all your Livepad files; easily locate that picture or URL.

Identify or "tag" your items for easy recall for to-do lists, meetings, appointments and contacts. Use the supplied tags or create your own.

Export your LivePad to text, send as email or publish to a web page.

Unique and worth checking out.

Download Livepad Now

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