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IP Switcher Pro



Filename: ipswitcherpro.exe, 4.83Mb
Type: Shareware, $40.00
Date: August 16, 2003
Let's suppose that there are several types of network connections to your computer; ADSL, leased line for your office applications, modem line for some slow connections. Depending on your current task - you should use one single connection at the single time. How can you do it? Using the old fashioned way - you should disconnect from ADSL if you would like to use you office application program. But later if you'd like to use the Internet - you have to switch on ADSL again 'cause it's faster. Now you can forget about all these difficulties. IPSwitcher Pro is a tool that eliminates all this inconvenience. All you need is just to create simple configurations - and apply those configurations to your system with just one click of mouse. This configuration contains destination address (it could be a special IP or web-site) and appropriate gateway. So now your outgoing network traffic is directed in a smart way.

Need less control? Check out IP Switcher Basic.


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