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installaware professional msi setup


 InstallAware Professional -  Ground breaking Windows Installer setup development


MimarSinan International

Filename: installaware_professional.exe, 20.3Mb

Type: Shareware, $899.00

Back in the "old" days a fancy install procedure was a batch file. Man, things have changed.

Since Windows installer came along authors have been forced to deal with multiple environments outside of their control; databases, tables, sequences, you name it. With InstallAware script based setup is back.

With InstallAware start your setup using visual wizards and then fine tune the scripts. Use conditional execution and branching and jazz up you installation using customized dialogs, setup options and even setup plugins. Even mix offline and downloadable install routines using web media blocks.

If you have a, gasp, BUG, in your routine the integrated debugging tool will find it for you and there's even a translation tool for reaching non-English markets.

Let's just say this is one powerful program and will solve a lot of your install based support efforts. It's not cheap, but can you afford to lose a customer because your software won't install?

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