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html match

   HTML Match -  HTML comparison tool.

Filename: html-match.exe, 4.0Mb
Type: Shareware, $27.95

HTML Match is the best HTML comparison tool for Windows 95/98/ME - Windows 2000/NT/XP available on the Internet today. Use it to analyze the changes between two revisions of an HTML file. The files can be on a local hard drive or can be web pages on the Internet. HTML Match can be used to locate the differences in the program source code, text content or visual aspects of the pages. Differences, down to the individual character level, can be viewed in either a one-window composite layout or a two-window side-by-side view. What Makes us Best? Most other HTML comparison utilities are designed to benefit programmers; therefore, they show the differences only in the HTML source code. The reality is that there are other groups of people who need to compare HTML files: Web Page Designers, Technical Writers, Quality Assurance Analysts, and others. The needs of these groups may be different from the needs of Programmers. Web Page Designers don't generally care about the source code differences. What they need to see are the visual differences between the pages. Technical Writers don't care about source code differences or graphical differences. What they need to know are the differences in the textual content of the pages. The current tools on the market do not address the diversity of needs of these various groups of HTML professionals. This is where HTML Match sets itself apart from every other HTML comparison utility on the market. Programmers can compare source code differences in either a one-window composite view (similar to MS Word) or a two-window side-by-side layout (similar to MS Visual Source Safe). Web Page Designers can view the changes visually as they appear in their browser with the differences highlighted in-place. Technical Writers can compare the text content of the pages. The text is extracted from the pages and differences are shown in either a composite or a side-by-side format. Impeccable Pedigree... HTML Match was developed building upon and adding to the knowledge and experience of several industry leaders. It combines technologies from the makers of FolderMatch (Winner at the 2002 & 2003 Shareware Industry Awards), ComponentSoftware (world-class version control software), and JAFSoft (HTML conversion experts).


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