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download historysweep for complete privacy

HistorySweep -  Remove browsing history including Persistent Identification Elements

Filename: historysweep.exe, 6.5Mb
Type: Shareware, $39.99

There are a lot of history cleaners around but this is the only one I've found (so far) that removes Persistent Identification (PIE), the new technology that's being used in place of cookies because we remove cookies and advertisers are hell bent on tracking us.

HistorySweep is a simple, yet powerful, privacy protection tool which removes the browsing history trail that is created on your machine when you surf the internet. Your web browsers built in privacy functions will NOT completely and securely delete ALL of your history files, leaving them vulnerable to recovery. HistorySweep will protect your privacy in four of the top web browsers on the market (Internet Explorer, AOL Browser, Netscape, and Opera) eliminating your history files beyond all practical recovery. The automation features included in HistorySweep will automatically remove your history files each time you boot your machine and/or each time you close all of your web browser windows. As an extra bonus HistorySweep will also speed up your machine and free up hard drive space by allowing you to remove temporary Windows files which are no longer needed.


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