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download fireplace 3d screensaver  

Fireplace 3D Screen Saver - Download Fireplace 3D Screensaver and put a burning fire on your monitor.



Filename: fireplace-3d-screen-saver.exe, 4.0Mb
Type: Shareware. Free to try, $12.95 to buy.

We don't get a lot of cold weather here and thus few opportunities for a real fire in the fireplace (come to think of it the lack of a fireplace might have something to do with it) but if for that reason or that some psychologists say that watching a fire sets the human mind at rest but I've always gotten a huge kick out of those VCR tapes that turns your TV into a fireplace. No doubt they're available on DVD now. So here's another fireplace screensaver for your enjoyment.

Imagine that you are in the ancient English castle on a winter evening. You are sitting in a comfortable chair watching the flames play near the fireplace. The fireplace is faced with fine masonry and has massive metal and iron adornments, which have darkened with age and soot. Tongues of flame embrace the logs and dance like mystical spirits. Fire brightens the dark room and fills it with romantic appeal. You may even feel the heat like that of a real fire. Nothing can bother you now. As you sit by the fireplace, you enjoy those beautiful crackling sounds which everyone loves. Now you may relax and forget about all your problems and worries of the day, and drift off into a dream world. A world where you are peaceful and secure.

Yeah, sure, that and a couple of beers....

Download Fireplace 3D ScreenSaver Now

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