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file stamper

 File Stamper - Create quick backup or copy or a file with version number, date, more.

Filename: file-stamper.exe, 4.6Mb
Type: Shareware, $11.99

Do you share files with many people? Do you work in an environment where you create many copies of your files to track the progress of the file only to misplace the backups? Are you sick of the "Copy of..." appending to new copies in explorer? If so, take a look at File Stamper 2004. With a simple right click on any file on your desktop, floppy, or file share, you can create a quick backup of the file complete with a version number, the date and a personalized string. No more looking for old files, or wondering which files were your in that project you shared with that really large team. Get File Stamper today, customize your backups and save time while organizing!


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