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File Scavenger - Easily recover lost and deleted files with File Scavenger File Scavenger - Easily recover lost and deleted files with File Scavenger


Filename: 32fsU31.exe, 768Kb
Type: Shareware. Free to try, $49.95 to buy.

File undelete utilities have been around for the PC as long as I can remember. If I recall correctly there was an undelete utility included with the first release of the Norton Utilities for DOS 1.x. Since then things have gotten a bit more complex and I've looked long and hard for the best deleted file recovery program.

File Scavenger caught my attention as it claimed it could not only undelete files but also recover reformatted volumes, corrupted disk partitions and even broken RAID volumes.

Not wanting to wait to test File Scavenger under fire I removed a partition on my test machine. Sure enough, File Scavenger brought it back. I formatted it. File Scavenger brought it back. I even went in with a disk editor, changed a bunch of stuff at random in the partition table and, yes, File Scavenger brought it back to life. I don't have a RAID to test it on here at micro acres, but given the performance in the other tests I'd be doggone surprised if it didn't recover anything short of whacking the drive with a hammer....a bunch of times.

And it's not only the fact that it can do it but how easy it is to do it. Once a partition is gone you have two recovery options. If the partition can be redefined at the same spot and size you can use the Exhaustive Search feature to recover files and folders and you should be able to recover everything.

If the partition is lost but you do not know where it was FS can handle that as well. For example you have partitions 1, 2, 3 and 4. Then 2 and 3 are lost and you don't know the size of 2 and thus you don't know where 3 starts. Use the Defunct Volume Search function which will use the contents of the disk to determine the starting sector and size of a lost partition. 

I hope I never need it, but an ounce of prevention and all that, its part of my toolbox and won't be going anywhere. If you have critical operations and a reformat, rebuild and restore just isn't a reasonable solution from a time standpoint I'd highly recommend you consider having this guy handy.

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