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Eazy Backup - Back up your hard drive and critical data



Filename: ezbackup.exe, 6.05Mb
Type: Shareware, $49.95
Date: October 8, 2003
It's not a matter of if your hard drive is going to crash, it's a matter of when. And ouch, does it ever hurt to lose all your critical data. You'll probably have your applications from your CDs but what about your Quicken or Money data? Your email address book? Maybe the great novel you've been working on or even your browser favorites? Ouch is right.

You'll want/need that data to be backed up and there are a ton of backup programs but if they're too hard to use chances are you won't use them. Eazy Backup is a change from other backup systems, it comes with built in logic to backup and restore selected applications. Eazy Backup knows where the critical files are and can easily backup and restore them. Most times you can easily save all your personal data to a single CD-ROM.

Don't go down the tubes along with your hard drive, make sure you can get back to business without having to recreate the world.

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