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easy spaceguard

Easy SpaceGuard -  Easily and automatically clean up and control junk files

Filename: easy-spaceguard.exe, 2.1Mb
Type: Shareware, $21.95

Easy SpaceGuard protects your privacy and helps boost your hard drive and overall system performance... by periodically cleaning up your temporary files, and Internet clutter. Easy SpaceGuard helps protect your privacy of where you've been, downloaded files by IE, RealOne Player or Media Player. It keeps your system clean and efficient.

You now have total control on what to clean
Clean Internet Explorer Cache and History
Clean Firefox browser cache and History
Clean Netscape browser cache and History
Clears Media Player history
Clears RealOne history
Internet and Local Search Assistant history
Clean history for many applications
Microsoft Office 2000 to 2003 Recent file list
Ahead Nero file history
Google Internet search history
Yahoo Internet search history
Winzip and WinRAR history and many more.
Clears the Windows Temp folder
Empties the Recycle bin
Waste statistics
Allows you to add file exceptions
Allows you to customize Easy SpaceGuard to avoid deleting specified files, even if they are in the temporary folders.
Scans your system and gives you a comprehensive statistic of disk waste.
Provides you with a comprehensive Privacy and Risk Assessment Report.
Allows you to schedule Auto Clean sessions and more.

Designed from ground up with Microsoft .NET Framework... This is a fully MultiThreaded System, that monitors and keep your computer running at peak performance. Get it and worry no more.


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