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Download DVD Professional - Superior DVD playback on your computer.  
DVD Professional - Superior DVD playback on your computer.


Filename: dvd-professional.exe, 10.7Mb
Type: Shareware. Free to try, $49.95 to buy.

You'd think that playing a DVD on a PC would be simple; insert the DVD and watch it. But noooo, programs want special DVD drivers and then you find that the output is way inferior to what you expect. Plus I've found a lot of programs don't have access to advanced DVD features.
Time to experience flawless, crystal-clear video quality with brighter luminance and more natural colors with DVD Professional. Eliminate ghosting, burring, and feathering with superior video technology. Digital zoom. Superior Audio Audio decoding produces a cinematic sound experience on your PC. Supports the latest sound cards with superior audio functions. Dolby® Pro Logic® II support for dual channel surround sound. Intelligent Playback Auto-resume and bookmarks let you jump to specific locations on the DVD. Watch two different movies simultaneously with PIP (Picture in Picture) playback mode. Smart Stretch technology lets you view movies in 16:9 aspect ratio, without distortion. Watch DVDs in `normal', `letterboxed', `pan & scan' or `widescreen' modes. Create still pictures from movies. Choose different effects such as Classical, Club, Pop, Rock, Techno and more.

Record your favorite movie as an MPEG-2 video (15mins max) or MP3 audio file (unlimited). Plus... Built-in Parental Control. Play DVDs from multiple zones with Region Code setting. Insert pictures, add some music and watch as a slideshow.

Straight-forward installation and easy-to-use layout. Supports a number of different media and file types. Dual channel surround sound lets you enjoy home theatre style audio effects with your Dolby headphones (Headphones not included). Next-generation technology with High Definition Video and WMV-HD provides high quality video payback. Remove screen burrs and dithering with optimizing functions for better video quality. View subtitles for multi-language support. Save disc space by using the built-in compression feature.

Download DVD Professional Now

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