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Downloads -> Multimedia - iPod Audio - Dupe Eliminator for iTunes

Download iDumpPro  

 Dupe Eliminator for iTunes - Easily update and manage your iTunes library. Eliminates duplicates, bad links and more.


Click on filename to download dupeeliminator_install.exe, 33.6Mb
Type: Shareware. Free to try, $29.95 to buy.

Have you built a nice library of songs in iTunes but can’t get rid of the pesky duplicates or dead link files? Dupe Eliminator for iTunes is your solution. Identify and delete duplicate movies, TV shows and music with preview, dupe file to keep criteria, and many optimizations.

Identify, sort, clean and locate by:

Original criteria - play count
Play count and track # displayed
font control
System tray menu
Find and remove dead links (Music Library entries with no actual music file)
Find and remove duplicate music files using any of the following criteria: "Song Name/Artist", "Song Name/Size", "Song Name/Artist/Kind", "Song Name/Artist/Album", "Song Name/Artist/Size", "Song Name/Size/Kind", "Song Name/Artist/Size/Kind", "Song Name/Artist/Album/Kind", "Song Name/Artist/Album/Size", "Song Name/Artist/Album/Size/Kind"
AutoClean to automatically find and remove duplicates
Scheduler support
Play any song using iTunes
Sync your iPod
Launch iTunes at any Times
Search iTunes library for single or all occurrances of a song, album etc...
Email HTML report on iTunes library to yourself or friends.
Save iTunes library info in EXCEL format
Copy iTunes library info in EXCEL format to the clipboard

Download Dupe Eliminator for iTunes Now

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