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disk triage, disk information about space, usage and more


Disk Triage Professional


TimeAcct Information Systems

Filename: disktriage.exe, 10.4Mb
Type: Shareware. This download includes three versions in one; Personal, Professional and Enterprise priced at $29.95, $99.95 and $199.95 respectively. You can install this download and each time you start you can select the version you want to try.

Used to be with floppy disks it was hard enough to keep up with disk usage but now there are LAN based RAID arrays with terabytes of storage and even your everyday PC ships with drives that come in at hundreds of gigabytes. Now it's even more important to get a handle on where your storage is going.

That's the main purpose of Disk Triage; to keep track and report disk space usage. It breaks down the sizing information for you using a powerful Tree View, Graphs and Reports.  As well as the raw sizing information Disk Triage provides robust analysis graphs, lists and reports showing breakdowns by file size, attribute, dates (Create/Modify/Access), time, registered file types, file extension, file owner, etc.  No other utility provides this amount of detailed information about the files that make up your disk space!

Spend some time with this guy. This isn't a toy that gives you a superficial view but has features that will really help you get a handle on your disk space usage. Like any program with a lot of features you'll want to explore all the nooks and cranny's to realize all the benefits it can provide.

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