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disk watchman


Disk Watchman - Keep a watch on free disk space.



Filename: diskwatchman.exe, 926Kb
Type: Shareware, $27.00
Have a system where disk space is a critical issue? Disk Watchman is the tool for you.

Disk Watchman is an application that monitors your hard, removable and mapped network drive resources. It displays free and used disk space on real-time basis. You will be able to see and/or notified by E-mail/ICQ/SMS/sound when your free disk space falls short certain values. Disk Watchman contains rapid tools to find disk space reserves (backup, temporary and duplicated files). You will be able to free up more space effectively with its intuitive and fast user interface. Advanced users will be pleased with ability to monitor file system changes. You can record file system state and then make a comparison report to see which files have been added, removed or changed. Disk Watchman provides a simple and comfortable user interface, easy to understand setup and full control over the visualization process.


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