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Enigma puzzle game

   Directory Report -
Directory printer and much, much more.

Filename: wdir.zip, 4.1Mb
Type: Shareware, $25.00

Directory Report is the directory printer for Windows.  It is loaded with features that help you maintain and clean up your disk.


  • Directory printer
  • It is simple to use since it looks just like the Microsoft Explorer
  • Prints .DLL, .EXE version information
  • Prints .AVI, .MP3, .MSI, .MSM and .WAV information
  • Prints to a printer, text, Excel, or HTML file
  • Computes file and directory Cyclic Redundancy Checksum (CRC)
  • Finds duplicate files
  • Multiple file rename
  • Multiple file change date
  • Directory compare
  • File compare
  • Displays file owner
  • Reports total file size totalled by file owners
  • Shows directory size without right clicking
  • Shows the largest directories on your computer
  • Finds and processes NTFS streams


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