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Direct Folders - Enhancement to the open and save dialog of Windows

Filename: dfolders_es_175.exe, 905Kb
Type: Shareware, $19.95
Direct folders is a neat enhancement to the open and save dialog of Windows and adds some features that should have been built in in the first place:

* It can make any window Always-On-Top.
* It automatically resize all the normal file dialogs.
* It quickly takes you to recently used and favorite folders.
* It set up a default folder for any or all applications.
* It "rebounds" back to the last item that you opened in a folder.
* It shows you where you are. Direct Folders Info Panel is floats over standard file boxes and shows full   path to the opened folder.
* It opens folders for you in the Explorer.
* It gives you access to windows you have open in the Explorer.

One of my favorites. 

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