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Direct Access - Do any Windows task by using custom command words.  
 Direct Access - Do any Windows task by using custom command words and keystrokes.

Filename: DirectAccessSetup.exe, 3.2Mb
Type: Shareware. Free to try, $39.95 to buy.

Direct Access is one of those programs that knocked my socks off the moment I fired it up, it's a while different way of using Windows. Direct Access allows you to do anything in Windows by using a command word. This includes opening programs or even inserting text.

While it's slick, it's hard to convey it's real functionality on a bumper sticker so I've done a full article on it available here but even that doesn't do the program justice, it's one of those you really need to try. The download is fully function limited only in the time you can use it. Worth checking out.

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