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Downloads -> Games -> Online Game Cheats -> Deuces Wild Buddy MSN

Cheat and autoplay for MSN's Deuces Wild poker game.  

MSN Deuces Wild Buddy - Cheat and autoplay for MSN's Deuces Wild Poker game. Maximize your payout, automatically.

Filename: deuces-wild-buddy-msn.exe, 2.0Mb
Type: Shareware. Free to try, $9.99 to buy.


Deuces Wild Buddy is an auto program created especially for MSN Deuces Wild Poker players. Do you ever wonder about Deuces Wild Poker game odds? Have you ever wished you had a Deuces Wild Poker MSN cheat that could offer video poker strategy? Or perhaps you prefer to play the game yourself but sometimes crave a hint from a Deuces Wild Poker helper. Whatever the situation, you'll be happy to have found this Deuces Wild Poker bot; Deuces Wild Buddy will prove to be your ultimate Deuces Wild Poker MSN cheat and helper as it uses its internal intelligence to play Deuces Wild Poker with the best odds, thereby improving your experience and maximizing your payouts.

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