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desktop tv


DeskTop TV (okay DeskTop Telly)


Lionhardt Technologies

Filename: desktoptv.exe, 1.5Mb
Type: Shareware, $19.95

Okay, I'm a Texan and to me it's TV but to the Brits it the telly. Whatever this is the best Internet based television I've seen and at a very reasonable price.

What is it? Desktop Telly allows you to watch television straight from the internet, no special hardware required. This means you install and can start watching television immediately, no tedious configuration of difficult settings, it is install and enjoy. Desktop Telly comes with a pre-installed station list, set up in such a way that you can easily select the station you want to watch, apart from that you can also select on categories, or country. Watching television via the internet has never been easier then this

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